Digital Ashes is the Master’s Thesis of artist Bruno Christofoletti Barrenha presented in the Digital Media programme at the University of the Arts Bremen. Supervised by Dr. Petra Klusmeyer and Wendelien van Oldenborgh. 

The project engages with the collection and manipulation of pre-existent digital files as source material to produce artworks. What drives the research is the relation between material death understood here as lost, burnt, damaged, and vulnerable materials in the context of public archives and the role of the Internet as a means for reviving and preserving the past of a people’s shared memory. 

The thesis is comprised of a written component (A Bricolage of Found Digital Files), a short film (Digital Ashes), and this website. The website presents the thesis in full, along with the artist's portfolio. 

Bruno Christofoletti Barrenha (1996)
Media Artist + Postproduction Technician

Based in Hamburg, Germany

2015-18 Bachelor in Film at the Federal University of Pernambuco. 
2019-22 Master in Digital Media at the University of the Arts Bremen. DAAD Scholarship holder.